Who we are

ALPHA LOGICA GROUP is an international company specialized in whole range of activities concerning production of goods used in BTL marketing activities.

ALPHA LOGICA S.A. private limited company, established 30 years ago.
Company structure was modified several times due to market needs and global changes, as well as global and local economy and specific needs of extended markets.

ALPHA LOGICA GROUP consists of several ALPHA LOGICA local companies based worldwide, HK HQ, 6 main China and India sourcing & handling offices.

Inspired by the needs of our consumers we create unique projects, that are not only esthetic, functional & up-to-date but are also dedicated to the specific target group and strongly related to a company’s or brand’s image.

What we do

ALPHA LOGICA GROUP offers full-service in Design, Development, Production and Delivering of custom made products for marketing purposes:

The Design & Development process is handled according to the following guidelines:
•        Product’s design coherent with brands image and customer’s brief
•        Characteristics matching with the preferences of target group and price
•        High perceived value
•        High quality
•        Cost adapted to customers budget
•        Modern, attractive and trendy appearance

We are constantly monitoring the market for new trends and inspirations.

ALPHA LOGICA GROUP specializes in:

  • Bags (Cosmetic, Vanity, Summer, Travel, Evening and many more)
  • Jewelry, Watches, Sunglasses, Eyeglasses
  • Boxes, Beauty Boxes, Vanity Cases and many more
  • Garment accessories and Textile
  • Cosmetic and Beauty accessories
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Ceramics