How we work

Starting point for each project is a short insight brief on customer’s needs.
Generally, the following are needed for us to prepare valuable proposals:
• Brand characteristics (positioning, target group, corporate/brand, visual identity)
• Characteristics of product (such as description, photos, concept, packaging, size, etc.)
• Promotion mechanics (GWP, promo-pack, on-pack, give-away, etc.)
• Preferred items
• Suggested colors, materials, dimensions, etc.
• Desired quantity and unit target price
• Deadline for delivery

Initial proposals are created based on customer’s brief – usually in the form of graphic simulations. They are then presented to the customer, which is asked to make selection of projects and give us suggestions and remarks for further development.

After initial selection made by customer and re-working all remarks and suggestions, we prepare samples of the product. Together with the samples, information about product’s specification, price and lead-time is passed to the customer.

During this last stage of product’s development – samples are modified according to customer’s indications, to match the demands for the appearance, functionality and price. After discussing all remarks – order is placed and/or final samples are prepared.

The final product’s samples must be approved before production. Delivery time is established after final sample is confirmed. A contract is prepared, which includes the exact description and specification of product, reference number of the approved sample, unit price & quantity, delivery conditions and deadline. After signing the contract, mass production is started.

To assure the best quality and esthetical values of the final product, we order all necessary materials from our inspected and trusted suppliers.
After receiving the materials, production of ordered goods is started.

During production and after finished, multiple quality inspections are made to confirm the conformation of the products with reference sample and AQL as well as all quality & safety requirements. During production, we send samples for customer’s confirmation.

After final quality inspection of finished goods, the products are prepared for shipment.

Ready goods are most often shipped by sea freight and next by rail/truck to destination.
In urgent cases, we can offer air shipment instead of sea freight, what makes the delivery lead-time much shorter, but it also increasing the costs of whole operation.

All promotional goods made by ALPHA LOGICA GROUP are designed, produced and delivered for custom order.

Quality & Regulations


ALPHA LOGICA GROUP is operating under strict standards and regulation as requested by our customers.

We offer high-quality products, that are able to fulfill even the most restrictive norms & requirements.

Our local partners consist of reliable & professional factories, social audited factories, material makers and QC teams.

We can meet all your Standard, Regulations and Compliance requirements based on your market or specific needs.

All our sites, production floors, material makers, QC teams are constantly being monitored, tested and inspected, to ensure premium quality and service.


ALPHA LOGICA GROUP is working with global leader companies (such as BV, SGS, Intertek, AI and others).

With your prior advanced notice, we can perform any test/inspection/audit and issue relevant report.






Can I get ALPHA LOGICA GROUP’s catalogue?
Sorry, there is no general catalogue, our products are created and produced individually, “from scratch” to match customer’s requirements. Each project will start with customer’s brief.

Can ALPHA LOGICA GROUP also arrange my custom design of the goods?
We do custom design promotional goods. ALPHA LOGICA GROUP incorporates the whole supply chain research & development, production and logistics.

Does ALPHA LOGICA GROUP own stock of goods available for sale?
Sorry, we do not have any excess stock. Our products are produced according to customer’s order in the exact quantities and delivered directly to customer’s warehouse. We do not have any reserve of goods.

What are the lead-times for promotional goods produced by ALPHA LOGICA GROUP?
The lead-times are calculated individually for each order – depending on materials required, standards/inspections/tests requested, and complexity of production as well as means of transport. Normally it takes 60-80 days for production, from order/sample confirmation date. Transportation varies from 3-7 days by Air to 15-40 days by sea depends on final destination required by the customer.

What is the minimum quantity of order?
Minimum order quantity depends on the kind of product. Normally it is several thousands of pieces, and there is no maximum.

Where is the production located at?
Production is in the Far East – mainly in China and India.