About Us

Alpha Logica Group, established more than 40 years ago, is an international trade and development company that specializes in creating custom-made products going from fashion accessories to beauty essentials, according to our customers’ needs.



At Alpha Logica Group, our mission is to deliver quality services that meet our customers’ needs while committing to ensuring a high level of transparency, sustainability, and social responsibility in every step of our production. By applying our brand’s core values in everything we do, we believe our proposition will speak for itself, with reputation key to a successful marketing strategy.

When we work with clients, we’re dedicated to meticulously considering every aspect of your project, from development of ideas all the way through to delivering the goods, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Our daily passion and dedication means continuously seeking to find new ways to enhance the sustainability of our processes, by constantly maintaining and building on our rigorous standards as part of fostering an innovative culture throughout the business.



Our vision is to deliver products to our customers sustainably, striving to develop a circular supply chain. Our goal is to ensure products are manufactured with precision, under the quality assurance protocols that our customers expect, whilst minimizing our carbon footprint in the process.