At Alpha Logica Group, we are committed to being responsible and ethical in everything we do. We are change-makers, always teaming up with our suppliers to elevate their standards and finding new ways to create eco-friendly product collections, while we reduce our impact on the environment. Our goal is to keep making our whole process greener, so we can help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

We have experimented with a wide range of recycled plastics and renewable biomass-based plastics. We develop exciting and marketable products that adjust to our customers’ budgets. Ask us about recycled materials for bags, FSC-certified wooden massagers, biodegradable cosmetic accessories such as bamboo cleansing pads, bath tools crafted from recycled PET, recycled plastic makeup brushes, or innovative hairbrushes made of biodegradable wheat straw.

We minimize our use of plastic in packaging. Since 2022, our packaging is mainly made from recycled PE plastic, cardboard, and paper, each with its own certifications.